Thursday, March 25, 2010

ABSOLUTELY TRUE new o.: neo-pancake folklore

one time, i was walking through the quarter, a lazy afternoon, on one of those soulfully quaint residential side streets, then suddenly, i saw them, sitting fresh and proud on the porch steps, 3 silver dollar pancakes.
i stopped, and stared at it, just to confirm 2 my brain, yes, a plate of hot pancakes, alone, on the front poach,
i look around (kinda like buckwheat woulda... tried to inconspicuosly wait... 2 c if anyone would come 2 the rescue of these abandoned & lonely lookin pancakes, or was this a voodoo trick set up or wha!....slowly... i walked past the plate of pancakes, wondering how they tasted.... until out of site.
i still wonder from time to time, about those waiting pancakes, and if they were ever consumed....? and by who?


is this new o. folklore? has this ever happened 2 anyone else in new o....?


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