Thursday, March 25, 2010

ABSOLUTELY TRUE new o.: neo-pancake folklore

one time, i was walking through the quarter, a lazy afternoon, on one of those soulfully quaint residential side streets, then suddenly, i saw them, sitting fresh and proud on the porch steps, 3 silver dollar pancakes.
i stopped, and stared at it, just to confirm 2 my brain, yes, a plate of hot pancakes, alone, on the front poach,
i look around (kinda like buckwheat woulda... tried to inconspicuosly wait... 2 c if anyone would come 2 the rescue of these abandoned & lonely lookin pancakes, or was this a voodoo trick set up or wha!....slowly... i walked past the plate of pancakes, wondering how they tasted.... until out of site.
i still wonder from time to time, about those waiting pancakes, and if they were ever consumed....? and by who?


is this new o. folklore? has this ever happened 2 anyone else in new o....?


Monday, March 22, 2010

new new orleans soundz A1: THE HONORABLE SOUTH

The Honorable South
Blending electronica with punk, rock, soul , and elements of hip hop, creating a sound that is both tribal, meditative, and dirty south.

If you are a music listener who prefers candy sweet vocals and love story happy time lyrics then The Honorable South is not for you. This is raw emotion layed bare over heavy felt beats and chords.

The Honorable South is lead vocalist/song writer Charm Baker and guitarist/producer Matthew Rosenbeck. The two collaborate with local musicians from time to time but don't require all the usual bells and whistles to put on an interestingly kick ass live show.

Theres a distinctly unique sound to their debut EP entitled "Dirty in the Light", an unapologetic glimpse into the shadows of the New Orleans music scene.
(available on Itunes & CdBaby)

we live in new orleans
we love it here
we've lived in other towns
we left them

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